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Residential Real Estate

Metropolitan Detroit Area Real Estate Lawyer

The purchase or sale of a home is likely the largest financial transaction most people will make in their lifetime. It is important to hire a knowledgeable, experienced attorney in order to ensure that the buyer and seller have a mutual understanding of the legal ramifications of the transaction taking place. For a fraction of the fee you will pay your real estate agent, the Maximum Recovery Law Group will review your mortgage agreement and other related paperwork so that you can complete the purchase or sale with complete peace of mind.

The real estate lawyers of the Maximum Recovery Law Group perform the following services for our residential real estate clients:

Examination of Bill of Sale; Examination of Disclosure Statements; Examination of Purchase Agreements; Explanation of “Truth in Lending” Disclosure Statements; New Construction Contracts and Construction Liens; Review Surveys; Title Examinations; Title Insurance Fallacies.

A purchase or sale agreement is a binding contract. Therefore it is advisable to let an experienced residential real estate attorney take a look at it before you sign. Many real estate brokers will pressure their clients into signing right away so that they can close the sale and collect their commission; however you are in no way required to sign anything if you wish for your attorney to review it first. Let us be there for you.

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