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Green Card Holders are required to file Taxes

LPRs (Lawful Permanent Resident), popularly known as green-card holders, are typically concerned about how their immigration status will affect their taxes. This concern is predominantly important for those that have either recently acquired a green card or  have moved abroad for short-term work assignment.

As soon you acquire a Lawful Permanent Resident status, you are automatically classified as a US tax resident and all LPRs, like US citizens, are required to report worldwide income by filing a federal income tax return each year (IRS Form 1040) by April 15th. So, whether you live or work outside the United States you continue to be treated as a resident for U.S. tax purposes and are obligated report your world-wide income to the IRS. Furthermore, the reporting requirement applies regardless of whether the income was earned within the country or abroad. As such, green-card holder must file an annual tax return.

Please be advised that failure to file US taxes can not only hurt an individual’s chances of seeking US citizenship but may also be a criminal offense which could result in loss of green card and eventual deportation from the country.

Since this is a complicated area of law and every case may be different depending on one’s specific set of circumstances, it is highly recommended that you discuss your circumstances with an experienced attorney or CPA who can advise you of your best options.

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